Local Vineyards

The South West (or ‘Sud-Ouest’ as the French call it) may be the least known region in France, filled with hidden treasures and breath-taking scenery. Vineyards are planted next to lush forests and both wine and wine making are a way of life.


Where is South West France Exactly?

Known as “France’s Hidden Corner” the South West region is tucked away between the Pyrénées Mountains and Spain to the south, Bordeaux to the north, and the Atlantic Ocean on the west.

The South West is the 5th largest wine region of France at 120,000 acres. Despite its large size, the area is the least populated part of the country with only 10 residents per square mile – rural, peaceful and laid back!


NOTE: The South West is France’s 5th largest wine growing region: 2x more vineyards than Burgundy and 3x more than Napa Valley.




Tannat grape variety* – long noted as a component of human longevity


TRANCHE  DE VIE is situated in the heart of the Madiran grape/wine producing region.

The following is a short list of many local wineries to visit during your stay.